The Bark BBQ

Texas Style Barbecue Catering

Please don't whine, we just don't serve swine.


About the Bark

From the heart

Nothing brings people together like barbecue.

We feel we are all brothers in fire and smoke, so let us make you a meal we can all enjoy, together.

We provide true southern Texas style barbecue with sides, sauces, and fixins' made from scratch because love don't come from a can.


Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or preferences. We'll make it happen. 

With The Bark BBQ we strive to cater to all! By the way it's Halal!

Catering & Events


Our company came together to serve a large groups of people from all backgrounds. Please let us know how we can cater to your event and make it work for you. We strive to serve our barbecue to all, by the way, it's all Halal. Please don't whine, we just don't serve swine.

We are all brothers in fire and smoke..

The Goods

Halal and Local

We are happy to serve only Halal Meat options and our sides, fixens, and produce are hand picked from local farmers Markets that we participate in. Find out which ones so you can try us out.


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TEL: 832.282.4927 / 281.323.9846

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